Lori Scott Landscape Design

"When we decided to make a major investment into our yard two years ago, Lori was instrumental in transforming this sad outdoor patch into a sanctuary that was perfectly customized to our wants and needs and expressed who we are and how we feel. We thought: Okay, we can handle it now without Lori going forward. Right? Wrong! Gardens are like relationships: They change and they grow. New ideas came up and we turned to Lori who picked up where we left. With a few keen strokes, she tweaked things around creating an outdoor living room for us and our guests. What we also appreciate about working with Lori is her fine network of professionals who carried out her ideas in a timely, committed, reliable and dependable and affordable way. Thanks, Lori."

—Susanne Domhan and Greg Hartman

Services & Rates

I will tailor a proposal to your particular needs and budget. I am happy to come to your home, free of charge, to discuss how we can match your needs and my charges. I find that I work better when I’m not counting hours, so I will propose a fixed fee for the level of service that works for us both. I will give you a choice of price points.

Full Service Landscape Design

Can Include:

  • at least 4 client meetings
  • colored conceptual design, drawn to scale.
  • perspective sketches
  • hardscape plan
  • planting plan
  • detailed plant list
  • connection to licensed installer
  • oversight of installation
  • final walkthrough with care instructions
Price varies according to services needed — please contact me.503-297-5263



can be used for:

  • plant recommendations
  • design for a small area
  • garden advice
$100 per hour

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