Lori Scott Landscape Design

Top of the World

When I met Alan and Carla, they had almost completed a gorgeous transformation of the inside of their classic brick ranch home. They were clear about their goals for the new front path: downplay the “back door”, don’t block the spacious view, make the path attractive. I had goals too: emphasize the cool “jogged” architecture of the house, make the brick siding seem “cooler”, eliminate the falling-over-the-cliff feeling at the front stoop, and make it absolutely clear where the front door resides.The south facing front also called out for drought tolerant plant choices, especially since we were not creating any shade by keeping all the plantings low.

I designed the entry path to reflect the shape of the house, using rectangles of brick at the transitions and acid-etched saw-cut concrete for its updated cool factor. The new generous steps/landing/planter structure creates much more space to stand at the front door and the raised planters reduce the need for extensive railings.. That “teetering” feeling is gone!

Rather than accepting back door visitors, the promontory deck is now The Place for relaxing with evening cocktails at the “bar” (designed and built by Structures in Landscape) while gazing out towards the valley view.

The plantings on the cliff side of the path keeps walkers away from the edge, with the grasses dramatically blowing in the breeze. New low-voltage lighting helps point the way at night for safety and a sophisticated atmosphere.