Lori Scott Landscape Design

Safe and Serene

The Lewises considered their front slope unusable and somewhat dangerous. A car had actually crashed into their front bedroom from the street above! But the front yard was the most easily accessed area in their large sloped property. I drew a perspective sketch to show them the possibilities.

Now they have a lovely spot to relax, drink a glass of wine, and enjoy their new lush plantings, which are colorful, low maintenance, and much easier to tend now that the slope has been tamed. The upper flat planting bed, along with the boulders, should prevent any future car-sliding disasters!

In the side yard, we built a “dry” waterfall, which is activated by rainfall collected by the driveway trench drain and piped under a path. It daylights onto the stones and flows into the planted rain garden where it slowly soaks into the ground.