Lori Scott Landscape Design

Pathway Interrupted

My clients hated their snout garage, wanted the lawn to disappear, and had a clear vision of their aesthetic– artistic, hand-made, environmentally friendly, welcoming, and definitely not ostentatious. Marta liked irregular elements that disrupt the expected.

Before the remodel, guests were shunted up the driveway, which amplified the importance of the garage (Dave’s pet peeve!). It was time for the old ranch fence and tired junipers to go. Now, curving dry-stack rock retaining walls point the way to the wide welcoming steps, which lead to a gently curving generous front walk. Shrubs on the left side are starting to block the view of the garage and driveway entirely, but even now the fine craftsmanship of the rock wall, acid-etched concrete, and brick “river” draw attention all the way to the front door. The birdbath boulder and the sweeping brick river interrupt the smooth modern surface of the concrete path. New plantings look lush, but are actually drought tolerant– northwest natives and native-friendly.