Lori Scott Landscape Design

"When we decided to make a major investment into our yard two years ago, Lori was instrumental in transforming this sad outdoor patch into a sanctuary that was perfectly customized to our wants and needs and expressed who we are and how we feel. We thought: Okay, we can handle it now without Lori going forward. Right? Wrong! Gardens are like relationships: They change and they grow. New ideas came up and we turned to Lori who picked up where we left. With a few keen strokes, she tweaked things around creating an outdoor living room for us and our guests. What we also appreciate about working with Lori is her fine network of professionals who carried out her ideas in a timely, committed, reliable and dependable and affordable way. Thanks, Lori."

—Susanne Domhan and Greg Hartman

Design Process

Colored Concept Plan

I will meet with you to see your property and learn about your goals for your landscape project. I will develop a proposal specifically tailored to your desires and budget. My Proposal will include options at various price points.

Besides our initial conversation, you may want to fill out my Client Questionnaire, which helps me gather information. I also appreciate receiving pictures and clippings of gardens that please you or that have elements that you want. Sometimes, I’ll take a drive with my clients around the neighborhood, so they can point out properties and plants that they like (or hate!).

The next step is a Conceptual Plan.

Colored Concept Plan

This is a to-scale colored drawing/map (bird’s eye view) that shows proposed elements: paving, paths, screening, planting areas, trees, etc. I will measure your property, create a base map, and play with ideas on tissue paper until I have a proposal that will meet your requirements in a functional and beautiful way.

I like to include a perspective sketch, so you can see what your design would look like from the “person view”. We meet to discuss the proposal, including costs of installation and various material possibilities (stone? pavers? lawn? bark dust? concrete? plant types). I will leave a copy of the concept plan with you if you would like time to consider the ideas presented.

Perspective Sketch

Planting Plan

We will meet again to refine the details and then I will complete a final plan, which includes exact names of the plants, drawn at their mature width (about 5-10 years later). All hardscape elements are drawn to scale with construction details described in a general way. (Oregon law requires landscape designers to suggest confirmation by a licensed architect or contractor.) You will receive 3 black-line copies of the final plan, as well as a very specific plant list.

If you are interested in having your design professionally installed, I will set up a meeting with one of my tested and reliable landscape contractors. He will prepare a bid for installation which will be a contract between you and him. I prefer to be involved as the project is built, and will include this option in my proposal to you.

As things come up during installation, I can be watching to protect the design intent and advocate for your interest; this may involve placing boulders and plants, and making adjustments when those inevitable unforeseen circumstances come up.

I can also help shop for those special details that make the design come to life: outdoor furniture, containers, plants, and artwork, if you would like.

Hardscape Plan

After care is crucial to maintaining design integrity (and keeping that peaceful sanctuary feeling alive!) I’m happy to recommend people to do maintenance, if that is what you’d prefer. (By the way, your maintenance plan is important for me to know upfront, as I can make your garden easy or hard to keep up!) Of course, I want your garden to always look great, so I can proudly point to it and say “That’s one of MY gardens.” I’m delighted when my clients call me for a consultation about Garden Care, or a Design Tune-Up.

I also love to buy plants for my DIYers! Let me know, and I will prepare a bid to have the entire plant list delivered. This usually turns out to be very cost-effective for my clients. It can be quite time-consuming and frustrating for a novice to search out all the right plants at various retail nurseries. Retail plant sizes tend to be significantly smaller, especially the better cultivars. When a substitution needs to be made (often!) I already know the design intent, and can pick out a culturally compatible plant.