Lori Scott Landscape Design

"Hi Lori, I just have to tell you how beautiful it has been, and continues to be, all winter long in our yard. That is such a wonderful surprise--the garden area can be lovely, even without blooms! We love the fountain with its gentle waters flowing; We are very thrilled with all you've done for us, and we're excited to see what it will be like when things begin to blossom. Hope to see you in the spring."

—Muriel and Denny Bennett

About Me

With more than 20 years experience of intense personal gardening, and 12 years as a professional designer, Lori Scott brings passion and excellent taste to her beautiful garden designs. She earned high marks in Landscape Technology and Design at Portland Community College and the OSU Master Gardening Program. Lori loves helping clients enjoy their outdoor spaces by collaborating to create designs that reflect personalities and interests.

A graduate of Lewis and Clark College, Lori taught school for eight years before the arrival of two daughters. While raising her family, she and husband David delighted in growing their garden and experimenting with plants and hardscape design.

Now Lori devotes herself full-time to changing people’s lives through landscape design.